The VIP Cards are available in $25 increments starting at just $50.

When you purchase any VIP Wash Card
you automatically get 20% more added to your card!

  • $50 card +20% becomes a $60 card
  • $75 card + 20% becomes a $90 card
  • $100 card +20% becomes a $120 card



These cards are available every day and they function just like
a pre-paid gift card, just ask the attendant to purchase one.

The card is valid for both the Cloth Automatic Wash as well as the 24-Hour Touchless Automatic Wash so you can use it anytime day or night. These cards make great gifts all year long for occasions like birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, a New Car purchase, etc.

In November and December we have gift tin card holders available at no extra charge for the holidays!